(PG stands for Pippin Goofs but aren't we all Pippin somehow)
In the spring semester of the third year of this programs' pilot run, Aaron Swartz died, a number of other hacktivists were arrested, including Paolo Gabriele, the Tsarnaev brothers blew up the boston Marathon, and the program went online in earnest not long after.

Besides having the advantage of being "PG 13", Middle earth is the perfect setting for Middle School.

ADMISSIONS: DISCUSS THE GOOFS GAFFES AND GLITCHES OF PINOCCHIO. How did they affect the story? You can do this as an oral presentation but ideally also an essay for submission with the application.

Just like Frodo setting out on a fellowship, we set out together on the adventure of life! Tolkien's famous poem, "the road goes ever ever on" was written for Bilbo and the dwarves, but describes Frodo and the Fellowship too. In middle school people need hope. In this area of education everyone should read the Hobbit and the LOTR trilogy. Tolkien wrote the Tolkien wrote the history of Middle earth to give himself hope and there's no reason it won't work for us too.
We will be looking at character and plot development in certain areas that the movies don't have time to explore.
People also need friendship as we set out on this adventure.
Two of the most popular tv series are Friends and Golden Girls,
one promising that though "you're always stuck in second gear" "I'll be there for you."
The other chimes in "thank you for being a friend, travel down the road and back again.
Jesus and His small group of like minded friends set out on their adventure and changed history forever. Let's hope we can all do that too.